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High Impact Strategies for Supporting Secondary Students with Learning Difficulties

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Professional Development Hours: 4.25

The “High Impact Strategies for Supporting Secondary Students with Learning Difficulties” conference was held on 30 May 2021. LDA wish to thank presenters Renae Watkins, Melanie Henry, Ben Saulsman and Dr Sharonne Telfer as well as our hosts Jennifer Buckingham and Troy Verey for their support provided to make this day a success.

We also wish to acknowledge our sponsor 24/7 Training who provided the technical platform for the event.

For those of you who registered, but missed the live session, you will have received an email in your inbox advising how you can access the recording. If not, please contact us on enquiries@ldaustralia.org and we will be happy to assist you. 

In this PD, you’ll receive take-home strategies and tips in oral language, literacy, numeracy and positive behaviour supports that are backed by research but can be instantly applied in your work with secondary students. Given the challenge we face in getting our students back on track after a meagre year of education last year for so many, we need high return strategies that require minimal preparation and have proven track records of success.

Each of our speakers are experts in their fields and we are lucky enough to have two LDA members presenting.

Renae Watkins, will present on engaging strategies in both assessment and instruction in evidence-based spelling, reading and vocabulary for secondary students.

Melanie Henry, will present on small shifts practitioners can make to improve oral language in students. Melanie will lead us through implementation of read alouds, explicit vocabulary instruction as well as sentence and discourse level strategies in oral language to improve academic outcomes for struggling secondary students.

Ben Saulsman, who brings his years of experience as a Mathematics consultant in Western Australia will provide engaging resources and scaffolds to help students with numeracy challenges make sense of concepts such as Place Value and Multiplicative thinking. These skills are essential foundational knowledge for success in numeracy.

Finally, Dr Sharonne Telfer is a researcher and teacher who has trained hundreds of school staff in implementing School-Wide Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports. She will provide the audience with number of evidence-based, high-leverage classroom management and instructional practices to increase the likelihood of student connectedness, academic engagement and positive behaviour. Her presentation will include explicit strategies for building quality teacher-student relationships, establishing positive classroom behaviour expectations, providing students with precorrections, and giving high rates of specific feedback.

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