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Bulletin, Volume 53, No 1, April 2021


Council Notes

  • Lorraine Hammond: From the President
  • Michael Roberts: Council News
  • Olivia Connelly: Vale Susan Howard
  • LDA National Conference, January 2021
  • LDA Awards 2020

LDA Award Presentation Speeches

  • Kristin Anthian: Going Virtual. Providing learning support in lockdown
  • Bartek Rajkowski: Aspiring to be a more effective teacher

Special issue: Comprehension

  • Roslyn Neilson: In this issue of the Bulletin…
  • Roslyn Neilson: Introducing the Concept of Relational Reasoning
  • Dr Courtney Hattan: Activating background knowledge to support text comprehension
  • Katrina Kelso, Anne Whitworth & Suze Leitão: Assessing poor comprehenders – A guide for teachers
  • Nickola Wolf Nelson: Overcoming challenges in developing tests of language comprehension

Book reviews

  • Lyn Stone: The Knowledge Gap: The hidden cause of America’s broken education system – and how to fix it, by Natalie Wexler (2019)
  • Ros Neilson: Robust comprehension instruction with Questioning the Author – 15 years smarter, by Isabel Beck, Margaret McKeown & Cheryl Sandora (2021)

Consultant Notes

Olivia Connelly: Consultant notes

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